So you want to be an architect

I have seen this video countless times over twitter and email over the past two weeks.  There is some strong language in here, so it may Not be Safe For Work.

This is a discussion between a person wanting to be an architect and a “seasoned” professional with a few issues.  It takes every frustration to the extreme, but I think anyone who has worked at a large company would identify with this.

I looked at this on YouTube and found a series of videos also called “so you want to be an architect,” but it is a little more constructive.

Part 1:

Part 2:  What does an architect make (not money)?

Part 3: What does an Architect Learn?

Part 4:  What does an Architect Use?

Part 5: What does an architect ask?

Part 6: What does an architect mean (perhaps the preview sheds some light on something)?

After all of that, maybe this is more approrpiate (and completely different):