London, 2014

2014 London-310

This year has turned out a little differently than I had expected, and in mostly good ways. Over the past year I have started to enjoy practicing architecture again, and somehow I have already achieved my stretch goal for top line revenue on the design side of my business for 2015, which will help pave the way for other goals much sooner than I had anticipated.

2014 London-182

I went with clients so this was my first overseas business trip. I also got to enjoy lunch with a colleague from the Dallas office of Gensler, who happened to be there for a project as well.  We did a lot of walking tours, looked at architecture, and I took a lot of photos. I haven’t spent just a ton of time with my camera (Nikon D80) since I bought it – I upgraded to get some good shots of my projects, and that’s really all I have used it for. I have gone on a few outings here and there to try to learn it more, but this time I spent several days taking photographs in different situations and lighting. Looking back at the photos and processing them, I observed that I actually got better with the camera as the trip went on. I still want to take a photography class, but my schedule for the most part is packed.

2014 London-105

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of my shots with this new camera typically look like ass before I process them. I don’t know if it is because I am shooting in RAW or what, but they seemed to look pretty washed out – particularly shots in overcast lighting (yes, I’m setting my white balance… well, now I am). My old D80 seemed to take better snapshots . A little adjustment in Lightroom made everything OK, but before I got to them I thought that I was a lot worse than I guess I actually am. However while I did lot of adjustments in Lightroom, I felt I was cheating. Whatever, it worked – at lest to me it did.

2014 London-268

Some more pictures from the trip can be seen here on my Flickr feed.