New projects, finishing school, and the MS160

I really wanted to have some good momentum on this blog this year, but it has faded… badly.  I can’t really point to being lazy though – I’ve definitely got a lot going on for the beginning half of the year…  I have landed some decent sized projects which has greatly increased my workload, am finishing my last semester at the University of North Texas, and will be riding in the MS160 on April 30 to May 1.

Instead of boring the five people a day who visit this site with the other details, I will use this seldom-visited blog as a platform to shamelessly ask for donations and do some updating on “training.”

If you would like to donate, please do so through this link.  You can also find me on Facebook here.

Last Saturday was the second time we have “trained” for the event.  Travel and work have kept us away, but about three weeks ago we got a road bike for my girlfriend off of Craig’s List – a decent Trek that had almost never been ridden.  I have a Cannondale I bought in 1999 and I’m pretty jealous, actually.  The first time we headed out to White Rock Lake in Dallas and did a quick lap around the lake, which is a little less than 10 miles.  This past Saturday, we did it twice.  I’m in a lot better shape than I was when I actually was cycling, so its nice to be on the bike with a better body.  Anyway, I have an app for my phone called Log Your Ride.  I have another called Log Your Run by the same company.  It keeps track of you via GPS and gives you a lot of cool data on it. doesn’t support java scripts, so I have to do this the hard way… click on the map below for a link to the site, but this graphic gives you a pretty good idea of the ride.

This was two times around the lake, by the way – we took a quick break after one lap.   I’ll be posting updates as we go along.  Hopefully next time I can remember to take a picture or two.

As for today, I will be headed to Dallas CrossFit and I have not been in a while.  The workout only consists of heavy kettle bell swings and double-unders, but I know it will kill me, especially because I have not been in a while. It needs to regain priority.  Hopefully I can get in a run tomorrow morning, but we’ll see how my calves react to all of the jump roping.