Fallingwater – Lego Version

During my last birthday we made a road trip to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s only completed skyscraper, Price Tower.  It has since been converted into a boutique hotel, and as a birthday present to myself I bought a lego version of Wright’s famous Fallingwater.  I ended up completing it some moths later, and it looks like this:

Looks big with a 55mm lens, but still pretty tiny

It is made of all of the smallest lego pieces, and actually took some time to build.  I think I sat through three movies (not in one sitting) building this.  I don’t remember this – or I didn’t appreciate it when I was a kid – but I liked the fact that during assembly everything fit so perfectly together, even though It looked like a bunch of unrelated parts for quite a while.  The little model is built to be disassembled at each floor  so you can see the floor plans (although they are greatly simplified).  The thing cost $100, which I guess is normal for an “adult” lego set, and of course that was full retail price (but it was the Price Tower Art Center’s Gift shop, and yes, I became a member).