Mexico City Trip – Part 1

Back in September I took a trip to Mexico City for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)’s “world summit.”  I was not a member at the time but a friend was an invited me to go.  Below are my initial remarks I made while I was there.  At a time where I’m feeling a little “lost”  its nice to go back over some of these notes.  I’m starting the process to become a member under their “accelerator program,” which is designed for people with new businesses.

These notes were taken in a hotel lobby.  I’ve fixed some of the major errors but bear in mind that I was tapping away on an iPad when I wrote this.  It almost seems that I was on some sort of emotional high when I wrote it:

So I am here in Mexico City…  All of the speakers have had their time and we have done a few offsite activities to see a little bit of the city.  A hot air balloon ride over the ancient ruins of a lost civilization was the highlight of those.  It was interesting to see how most of the “history” was more or less simply theories and projections from the Aztec culture.  However, some of those are most likely sound due to the fact that most religions share lore, sports, culture, and more.

The week as a whole was…  I would go as far as saying it might be life changing.  This is the first time I have been exposed to any level of Latin American commerce, and I have decided to make a small effort to investigate growing my own business into the area.  I already have a trip planned to Chile soon and the is another EO conference in Columbia soon.  This one is a Latin American round up, and I will be interested to see business owners from all over that part of the world.  I will try to attend that as well.  There are some other hurdles to jump, though, including gaining admittance into EO.  I am not entirely certain how I would get my revenue to where it needs to be to join…  There are some different ways,  one of which might be an acceleration program at I have been told is headed to Dallas.  I may get in that way.

Overall, the experience has been beneficial because I am around like minded people from all over the world.  I have felt, for a long time, that I am in an island.  Even though I am around two entrepreneurial spirits on a regular basis, there is a certain energy associated in being with an entire group of them… Diverse in every way, from industry to religion to race… You name it.  The coincidence between the Chile trip and the Columbia trip are uncanny… And, if I can get in quickly enough, I can use the EO leverage while I am in Chile and make a handful of connections there – connections that I would most certainly regroup with on other international trips.

Another desire of mine, as a person, is to grow a family who understands the international scene.  One of the speakers, I beleive it was Steve Forbes, made the comment that your kids should know what you do and how you make things work.  There is no other future for our economy other than to become a truly integrated global player.  The value associated with knowing other languages when you are small and growing up visiting other countries – not just as a tourist, I believe can make a strong position for my kids in their quest to build their life.

All of this comes at a time when I am considering law school in a local arena.  SMU is currently the only law school in my market, and is actually a good one.  I will investigate how their curriculum can support international law as a focus of my study.  It might even benefit me further by doing business abroad as it is.  Boundaries are not the same as it once was – just because I am doing work in other countries does not mean that I would have to be there all of the time.  My goal would be to work abroad each quarter and maintain most of my lifestyle.  The more I think about it, the more I think that it would work and how EO can be beneficial to these goals and more.. Which brings me to another thought….

Rosario Marin was one of the best speakers there was.  She had profound thoughts that will affect my life as a father.. Whenever that happens.  But, I think it will help with my current situations as well… Making my family and the people I love come first.  It doesn’t take a ton of effort, but I have been ignoring the people I love.  In the name of what?  I’m not even satisfied with what I’m doing….  So, great.  However, she inadvertently made a comment that really got my attention.  She said that she always does her best.  Recently I have not been doing my best.  I have been getting along and, mostly, struggling.  It made me think about this: what is getting in my way?  Why am I not doing my best?  I have barriers, and they still need to be mostly identified.

I know there are more quotes and concepts that I have written down that are not discussed here.  But this morning, on a bus to the hot air balloon ride, all of this came rushing at me while I was dead tired.  And I wanted to get it down while I still feel a strong energy about it.  The future is down here and I know it.  And I will be a part of it, while at the same time helping my city grow and prosper.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like the sky is the limit.  I am happy.