OK I’m trying again


This doesn't fit with the post, but here it is. Well, maybe it does.

So as usual I chide myself for not updating this poor neglected blog.  I ended up having ideas about what to write, but the project get long and daunting.  Other things I would like to write about get tied up in the “should I or should I not write about this” category due to other stakeholders involved… so, I stay quiet.  So now, at the end of the day on a Thursday, I sit down to write about nothing at all.

2011 had a bunch of events jammed into it – I had finalized my license in the previous year and followed up in 2012 with upgrading my real estate salespersons license to a brokerage license and completed a degree with the University of North Texas – the close of a long chapter of my life which ran in parallel with other events… I suppose creating a career was one of them.  Over the course of that process I found another interest of mine, mediation, which I got involved with… maybe that should be another blog post as well.

So I have things to write about – in November I attended a conference with a group called Entrepreneur’s Organization, which I found very energizing.  I am yet a member but need to sign up… A severe workload has put a lot of things, including this, on the back burner.  So, that trip is another blog post… It will probably come in February or later, making the recap three or four months old… nice.  Well, I will have had a good chance to reflect by then.

Lets see, what else – I was accepted into The Real Estate Council’s ALC program which is in full swing – I suppose thats something I should talk about, but there is an official blog on our project which should go up soon, so maybe I shouldn’t just yet.  I’m co-chair of our project, which has some demands on my time as well.

My company has also been caught up in a “merger” of sorts, which has presented its opportunities and challenges.  I have added another to the group and will add one more at the beginning of February.   I had a marquee student housing project (at least for me) last year that started construction in August and will finish for the fall semester 2012.  I have two other major projects that we are working on, and am optimistic about our future…  A nice feeling for a change.  I’m out to invent our company from the ground up and work on the practice from a business standpoint – actually bringing some of the principles of my long and drawn out education (business management, sociology, and applied economics) into the field of architecture.  I’m still in the planning stages, but so far my small group is receptive to the change.  The challenge is delivering on the promise.  But as long as I keep taking a step back to make sure we’re focused I have confidence we can make this work and make it work well while improving the product of our work.  It starts with a group of “A players,” which I believe we are starting to build.

A creepy picture I took in Chicago. Oh yeah, I went to Chicago.

Here are my Chicago pictures without me or anyone else I know in them.  I wanted to put the link in the caption but Worpress says no.  So, despite the feeling like 2011 has slipped by with no forward movement, I suppose  a lot has happened and I just haven’t stopped to notice.  I also bought a new fun car which I’ll probably write some short blurb about, although its not really blog worthy.  Maybe I should stop worrying about what’s blog worthy.

I’ve started putting a portfolio of sorts on Architizer, which may be a better spot for my stuff, anyway.  No sense in putting all of the old stuff that I simply did the CAD work for in my youth… but actual design work.  It doesn’t seem as cool as all of the awesome houses and such on the site, but it is a nice place to put the work and actually generates some traffic, which is helpful.

So here I go, starting again.  What made me even write this post was the fact that I have signed up for the Sam’s Club Ride for MS again, Dallas’ local MS 150.  That was the last time I used the blog… So that, peppered with little tidbits of my boring life, will hopefully generate some content to this sad little site.  Until next time!