So you want to be an architect

I have seen this video countless times over twitter and email over the past two weeks.  There is some strong language in here, so it may Not be Safe For Work.

This is a discussion between a person wanting to be an architect and a “seasoned” professional with a few issues.  It takes every frustration to the extreme, but I think anyone who has worked at a large company would identify with this.

I looked at this on YouTube and found a series of videos also called “so you want to be an architect,” but it is a little more constructive.

Part 1:

Part 2:  What does an architect make (not money)?

Part 3: What does an Architect Learn?

Part 4:  What does an Architect Use?

Part 5: What does an architect ask?

Part 6: What does an architect mean (perhaps the preview sheds some light on something)?

After all of that, maybe this is more approrpiate (and completely different):


Joppa Rodeo Project

This is a project that I am working on with The Real Estate Council.  It has been a little slow to get off of the ground, but we are finally picking up momentum and it looks like it will be a great project.

Form the site:

“Our dream for this center is to provide a rodeo arena, horse trails, community gardens, a neighborhood park, and facilities where the youth can learn resiliency skills to resist negative peer influence.  Please help make this vision a reality and help at-risk youth become “Ready and Forward”. Your contribution can make the difference in the lives to the youth of Dallas County. Through your generosity to the Joppa Rodeo project, you are giving several young people the opportunity to develop character through self empowerment.”

This is my first pass at a rendering. It will get better soon - I promise.

Life of an Architect – Bob Borson

This blogger is absolutely fantastic. His name is Bob Borson and is based here in Dallas, designing modern homes.  One of these days I’ll bump into him – I may have already, but now I’ll keep an eye out.  he seems like an interesting guy.

I visited a half day seminar on social media for business this week, and I actually learned some interesting things.  A few tools, such as Ning and Yammer, seem pretty interesting, but their applicability to my life (trying to make it simpler) is something I have not quite figured out.  However, one tool that has already proven its value is the advanced twitter search, where I actually found Bob’s blog.  Feel free to visit his blog, and, realizing how much better he is than me at being an interesting person to read about, forget about this blog all together.