I knew what this would be. Hard.

I knew what I had set out do do would be hard. I didn’t know it would be this hard.
I’m pretty sure everyone has told me parenting would be harder than I thought. It’s only been nearly four months, and I am exhausted. However, i am taking a bit of a different approach.

Timing rarely works out. I thought I might get married sooner, I thought I would have a large project underway by now on the development side of my business, I thought a building I designed would have started construction almost two and a half years ago (AIT broke ground two weeks ago). However, starting my company and having the freedom to be around my son at this age worked out perfectly well.

I’m his full time keeper, and that is by choice. I got so watch him find his feet for the first time, how he continues, to figure out how his arms work, how he is developing all around. And a lot of it is hilarious.

I know at some point I won’t be able to handle all of it – once he becomes mobile there is no way I can fit my billable hours into the day. I’ll phase in some help when I need it, but for now, he stays with me. I work some from home, bring him up to the office (age has his own mini-me chair), and carry him with me to all of my meetings. The days are carefully timed so I feed him before my outings (so he’s more apt to sleep) – on the flip side I set those times so that it works with his food schedule. It’s just like managing another project on your schedule, except this one has more frequent and urgent needs than the others – and he overrides all priorities.

But , so far, it works. When my wife comes home I make dinner and get a few more hours in. I add hours in here and there on the weekends (although she doesn’t really appreciate that). Oh yeah – and I moved my office, so there are boxes everywhere in both places I spend the bulk of my time. It’s definitely burning the candle at both ends, and I know it won’t last forever. But at least right now, the timing has worked out correctly. 


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