Photo of the Week 2

Photo of the week two and I’m late.  A couple of us went to Klyde Warren a few days ago and decided to shoot in black and white.  My newer Nikon has a monochrome setting, but apparently if you shoot in RAW, all that means is that the preview in the camera is black and white.  Anyway my photo of the week was of my shooting partner, as she was taking her own picture:

 Dallas BW 15.01.11-32-2

I got a handful of nice pictures from the day, so this has actually been good in getting the camera out.

Dallas BW 15.01.11-11Dallas BW 15.01.11-6Dallas BW 15.01.11-10Dallas BW 15.01.11-4Dallas BW 15.01.11-20Dallas BW 15.01.11-25Dallas BW 15.01.11-17Dallas BW 15.01.11-28Dallas BW 15.01.11-22Dallas BW 15.01.11-26


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