The Year Ahead is Actually Looking Good

A shot I took on a recent trip to Marfa, misguidedly holding the camera out of the sunroof while driving.

A shot I took on a recent trip to Marfa, misguidedly holding the camera out of the sunroof while driving.

After quite a long time of being concerned about how things will turn out for the real estate industry, the city, and the region, if little old me can start feeling optimistic about his fledgling little nobody company, times have to be good.

Two projects I have should start construction at the beginning of the year, and the “big one” should really start moving at about the same time.  I’m also working on something that, if successful (I will know my February or so), might be one of the most ambitious planning exercises that the area has seen in a long time. At that point, it will be time to scale.  It’s kind of scary and exciting at the same time!  I still don’t have it all figured out and maybe I never will… But that first real, full time hire – with the overhead that comes with it – is a big hurdle.  Over the next two weeks, after I take an ever-so-short vacation (it will be my first legitimate vacation in years), I’ll head up to visit my family and probably spent most of the time working on projections and financial models.

On top of that, there is website content, networking, Christmas parties, business development, all of the other stuff that I haven’t seemed to have been able to do. I also have the actual work – that has to fit in there somewhere, right?  I’m looking at working with a virtual personal assistant to try to get some of the minutia off of my plate.  We’ll see how that goes, but I don’t what to offload!  I guess that is going to take some time to figure out.  But there are definitely some things that I do that… May not be the highest and best use of my time, so it’s worth a try.

I’m very thankful for this year.  There have been many trials, some I have been happy to leave behind, another which I still can’t seem to let go.  I have been lucky to have people around me who support me, others who have given me some space, and some good old fashioned luck/divine intervention.  2014 will be the year to pay all of those people back!  You know what else might be cool?  Writing something interesting on here.

I am very interested as to why WordPress thinks I should tag this post with “Great Blue Heron” and “Hawaii.”  I think I’m going to.


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