A new path

So I tried to run a bit from it, but it looks like the inevitable will still find you, one way or another.

Well, that perspective, now that I write it down, probably has rubbed off on me from reading too many of Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas novels over the past few weeks.  In it, the character has some clairvoyance to him – he can see dead people.  Its been done before (a lot), but in this case, as with most writing that I enjoy, his perspective on life is the reward for spending my time reading these books.  One recurring theme is this: everything has a natural order to it.  Even with his “supernatural” skills, he has learned that trying to trick fate into doing something else typically just postpones it at best.

Several months ago, I decided to strike out on my own… but then I didn’t.  I got an offer to come on with another firm – they let me finish some projects that I had already started on the side, and all was supposed to be good…

But of course, it wasn’t.  I know it is always typical when someone woos somebody on with promises that not everything is delivered… but it turned out rather quickly that the situation we cooked up did not fit.  So this week, we adjusted that.

The adjustment is this: I can now fully pursue what I want.  This has effectively let me start off on my own.  I still office with them, I still work with them.  I will maintain key clients.  But, I have more than I want to do than pure architecture, and in order to follow those dreams, I have to go off and do this – if anything, just for me.

It’s a little scary.  I have enough work to pay my bills, but of course your perspective changes very much so  going off on your own – your outlook changed from 3 months ahead to 3 years.  There is plenty to be nervous about, but plenty to be happy about.

So what do I want to do?   I want to develop.  And I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  I’ve made my first multifamily acquisition already, but will be looking to build some small for-rent and/or sale product.  I have big dreams of other projects; some might be what I might call “game changers” in the market here in Dallas.  But… One has to keep their sights.  Even though I am an architect, broker, and I have built my own designs before as a general contractor, the stigma of being an architect is a hard one to overcome – especially when starting off of on my own.  So, after some soul searching, I have decided to start small.

I figure this – if I can make a living designing small projects, I can make a living developing small projects.  And move forward from there.  I might take on partners, but…  I’m not making that a barrier to going ahead and starting.

So, there you have it.  My official launch date will be September 1, 2013.

To new days ahead.


Sun rises over ruins a few hours outside of Mexico City.  I took this picture nearly two years ago, and it was about that time I was starting to find some purpose in what I wanted to do.

Sun rises over a small town and some ruins a few hours outside of Mexico City. I took this picture nearly two years ago, and it was about that time I was starting to find some purpose in what I wanted to do.


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