I was leaving my gym after we had done a pretty high intensity workout (that I finished in a pretty decent time, I might add) and was… a little light headed.  It was the end of the day, so I staggered to the car carrying my clothes and still wearing my gym clothes (which have no pockets).  I put all of my stuff in my car and drove away.  As I pulled on to the access road of Central Expressway when I hear a sliding noise and a bang… It wasn’t until a few block later that I realized: my phone had been on the trunk and slid off.  I painfully drove back to the scene.

I saw the phone sitting there, in the middle of the access road.  It was in the middle of the lane where no tires should really be.  It looked like it could be OK…

Then a long wall of traffic came along.






I think it was only 5 cars who successfully got it.

I walked up to the scene and picked up this:

Phone's Broke.

Phone’s Broke.

Somehow or another, it still worked.  It couldn’t make a sound, I couldn’t see anything, but when I plugged it in to back up all of my precious data, it actually worked.  Being run over 5 cars (that I saw) on the highway was merely a flesh wound.

There is a lesson here, as I’ve never had to replace a phone:

I went to the apple store that evening.  I learned something: even without Apple Care, replacing the phone “under warranty” was negligibly more expensive than the ridiculous “insurance” that AT&T’s deductible.  Hello Apple Care, no more insurance.  Replacing the phone under Apple Care costs $50, and it lasts two years.  Also covers other things (my past two phones have had buttons that have crapped out on me).  When I replaced this phone last night, they have me Apple Care for half off the $100 price.  Note, however, Apple Care does not cover lost or stolen phones!  But go ahead and break the **** out of it.

On the plus side, I did make this handy new phone background:

Phone Background


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