Listen to yourself.

Sometimes I need to take my own advice.

I have been in a couple of programs where I dish out advice.  Sometimes when I say it, people look at me like a freaking genius.  Maybe its just the way I present it, but maybe there is some wisdom in there.

The thing is…  I don’t live it myself sometimes.

In particular, I need to simplify my life a bit.  Really, it shouldn’t be too complicated.  I’m not married.  I don’t have kids.  On the brink of starting my own full on, by myself business, I became an employee.  Everything should be pretty simple.

But, of course, it isn’t.

There is only so much time in a day.  On top of that, one only has so much evergy.  At the end of it, you need to allocate yourself to what you think is important.

So what I did one day was map out my life with a mind mapper.  This one was called SimpleMind for iPad and iPhone.  I was out at the dogpark when I mapped most of this out.

Photo Jun 18, 11 15 33 PM

Its small because frankly, you don’t need to see all of it. Because it todally doesn’t matter, except for the fact that it is a graphical nightmare.  At the end of it, its loosely color coded into work (yellow), home (green), health (blue), and wants (red).  I just put it all out there.

What I wanted to do was clean out the closet a bit.  For instance, running was on there.  But so is crossfit and cycling.  So, I cut the running.  Made crossfit a priority.  Cycling… Crap.  Still not doing so well on that front.  Maybe its time to reevaluate that one.

But, the lesson here is – look at all of the balls in the air.  Everyone drops a few.  What does that do to you?  Well, I don’t know what it does to you.  I know what it does to me.  It makes me feel guilty and disappointed with myself because I’m not doing it.  Which slides you down a hill.  But when you face it, decide you aren’t going to do it, and move on, there is some peace with that.  Unfortunately, I haven’t done a good enough job.  After cleaning the closet, I still can’t get rid of that shirt that looks like it could be worn with spiky hair – hair that has not been that thick on my head since 2005.

I’ve given this talk to a mentee that I have as well as a group of business owners I used to meet with on a regular basis.  They looked at me as if I was the burning bush giving them the missing 11th commandment: Thou shalt not focus on so many things you can focus on nothing.

Time to pay attention to that again.


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