Where did I go?

“Good to see you blogging again.”


I think that was a comment to a post I made over a year ago, but I think if you were to scroll down (I’m not), that may be five posts ago.  I don’t know why I keep this thing up – sometimes I am afraid of putting things out there for no reason.

But, I’m at Startbucks, it’s raining, the moon is a Waning Gibbous, so I’m feeling a little crazy tonight.  I’m at Starbie’s because I rarely work effectively in an office for externded periods of time, and I had some cabin fever.  But, its two hours later and I’m in need of a break, so I turn to this… I guess it’s beneficial to me and me alone, since no one reads this.  But to me, writing is someone therapeutic.  And I guess there is another level to it when you put it out there in the public, even though no one really stops to notice.

Not that I blame them.

But – I’ll definitely try to write a bit more on here.  I have taken a long hiatus from it, and for whatever reason it makes me sad that I have not contributed to it.  So, without any sort of direction, I suppose I will trudge on.

Good lord, what has happened to me over the past year?  Instead of writing some long ass paragraph (did I just do that and then delete it?), I will do some bullet points:

  • My romantic life has been a freaking whirlwind.
  • I’ve finally gotten into crossfit at a consistent pace, and I really enjoy it.  Maybe next year I’ll participate in the all-cities open while I am young enough.
  • I was still doing yoga pretty consistently (been practicing since 2000) but over the last few months I have been severely slacking.
  • I quit my job.  I was going to start on my own, but…
  • Someone else hired me before I got the chance to get going.  So I’m meeting the commitments I made with that venture,  but the company will mostly be a vehicle to perform pro bono work.  Or something.  I haven’t figured all of that out.  Good news is…
  • I have verifiable income.  So I bought a car, which replaced a 10-year-old one that was showing signs of… let’s call it: instability.  I might refinance the house before interest rates go up, too.  If I get off of my lazy butt.
  • May parents moved, my sister is getting married, one grandmother is in assisted living while the other is in independent living.

2012 was a year of transition for me, and all I am left with is a laptop at Starbuck’s sitting next to someone with severe B.O.  But its pouring outside, so I will stay put.  I do have an umbrella, but I left it in  my new fancy car, so I have decided to sit here and write while my stomach twists into its own version of a bird of paradise (stupid yoga reference, but it is, for whatever reason, accurate).

So if I dwell on what has not changed in 2012-13, I guess the only constants are:

  • My dog
  • Some of my stuff
  • Where I live
  • Close friends

Oh, well, sometimes change is good.  You need a bit of an overhaul every once in a while.  Hopefully I will make a point to post stuff here every once in a while, and maybe keep it from being some self-serving long-winded too-many-hyphened-adjectived drivel.


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