Internet’s Broke


When I started at Corgan, Associates (1996) as a high school intern, the company (One of the top 5 in Dallas) was one of the first architectural firms to get on the Internet.  We were also one of the few with personal email addresses: One of the largest civil/structural engineers in town had a single AOL email address for the whole company, and another engineer I worked with had to be dealt with entirely by phone and fax.

For a few months, management decided we were messing around on the Internet too much, and shut it off.  I remember someone remarking: “oh no, they took away our toy!”

This morning I walked in to complete CHAOS.



We have remote connections to a main office.  I use a cloud based system for much of my work, and I can’t get information from my laptop to my desktop (right next to each other) without using a thumb drive.  Why?  Because the laptop is tethered to my phone and cannot connect to our local server.  Its one or the other, and I have chose the Interwebz.

So I can write this blog post.

(OK, and respond to a client email but that’s not as funny).

This ranting reminds me of last night, when I went to a restaurant and realized I had been going there for twenty years (vomit).  This morning I got mad because I had to wait for a grown man to take 10 minutes to fill his tires up (he didn’t know how, and obviously didn’t know what a tire gage is) and my thoughts drifted to how modern men can’t do anything manly any more (watching sports does not count as manly, sorry).

I’m turning into a cantankerous old man at 33.  What is wrong with me?!


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