Tour of the New Parkland Hospital

On Friday I had the opportunity to tour the new Parkland hospital.  I have worked on a lot of medical projects over the years, which has included some hospital work, but the scale of this project is staggering.   We were fortunate enough to take a lift all the way to the top floor, which has a spectacular view of downtown.  Its a shame I might only see this view again under less enjoyable circumstances:

I did, unfortunately, only take my phone with me.  So, the pictures may not be awesome, but I’ll just let them speak for themselves:

One of the interesting things about this hospital is that they are already running into programming issues: for example, they designed this ER space to handle 108,000 cases (I think thats per year, but I might be mistaken).  They are now seeing at their current facility 140,000 cases.  Maybe someone is betting on better overall wellness.  Although I think I retweeted something from CNN last week that says our country will 42% obese in 2030.  Who knows?  I forget.  Time for a cheeseburger.


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