Sam’s Club MS Ride (MS150) 2011

Ready to go!

Thanks to all of those who donated to the MS Society for us as our team rode the Sam Club MS Ride on April 31.  The first day was gorgeous – mid 80’s as a high with a strong breeze.  This was the first time in a long time I had covered as much as 84 miles, and the first time for my other team members.

Ginger and I, having too much fun

The ride started at the Rough Riders stadium in Frisco and took the long way to Texas Motor Speedway (route below; click for interactive map).  The ride had 6 rest stops, including lunch (we skipped two of them).  Our team spent a lot of time at each rest stop, but it gave us all a chance to catch up to each other.

Typical Scenery... Great weather!

Ginger and her brother Paul, finishing strong and together for their mom

Day two however, did no go as well.  We were just leaving the house at 5:00 AM when I received a text that the ride had been cancelled.  It was still 60 degrees and balmy as we left the house, but we went to Texas Motor Speedway to pick up our bikes.  The temperature dropped about 20 degrees on the way out and there were funnel clouds sighted, hail; the works.  Although I was disappointed not to be able to finish this year, that would have been absolutely no fun to ride in.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us this year.  We plan to do it again next year as well – our team, Team Tricia, rides in honor of Tricia Grossman, who was diagnosed with MS in 1993.  We were able to raise almost $3,000 for its inaugural ride (not bad for four people), and we look forward to growing the team next year.  We had several training rides, organized internally and with other groups.  If you are interested in riding with us next year, feel free to write in the comments or email me.


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