more MS Ride training routes

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We are finally getting our act together and have formed a team honoring my girlfriend’s mother, who was diagnosed with MS in 1993.  In her case, the disease is very far along in progression.  The effects and causes of the disease can be found here (Wikipedia) and here (MS Society).  We’re getting the artwork put together for the Jerseys and should have them ordered in the next few days – I’ll post that when it is done.

March 3, 2010

We started at the head of the newly completed Santa Fe Trail Extension which starts in Deep Ellum.  This new extension brongs the White rock Lake system down to Deep Ellum, coming close to Downtown Dallas.  If, somehow, our community can get his extended to downtown, then to the Katy Trail, it would be a great move to make this city more walkable.  We have several systems, but they are all isolated and unconnected… But I digress.

We started in Deep Ellum and rode along the east side of the lake, finishing at the trailhead near Alpha Road and Hillcrest.  It was about 17 miles – what we didn’t take into account was the fact that there was a strong wind behind us.  We had to push against it the 17 miles back, which was brutal.  Here is the route:


March 12 Route

The Santa Fe trail has a large bridge over a fe streets (such as Peak and Haskell) but then comes down to grade and ou must cross streets such as Carroll, Fitzhugh, and Munger.  People have asked me if I feel safe in that area, and I really didn’t have any sort of problem.  Anyone who looked our way typically smiled and waved at us.

Santa Fe Trail Bridge

Laste week’s ride was the same, but there was still a strong southern wind… So we started from the north end and added a lap around the lake, finishing up with what was reported as 41.3 miles on GPS.  My girlfriends brother joined us on this ride and will be riding with our team – he is riding a bike older than I am and he did, despite all odds, finish the ride.


March 19 Route


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