MS150 Training Ride 3

We got out a little late, so only did one leg of what was supposed to be around the lake, up to Alpha Road, then around the lake again… This weekend was freezing.  So, no step up from last week’s ride (a couple of miles short), but at least we got something in.  Click the map below for the actual log.

I haven’t ridden this route in a few years, and there have been definite improvements.  It looks like they have extended the trail north, but we were pushed for time (the sun was going down and it was turning very cold).  Look forward to doing this again with a few loops of the lake and some exploration of the north trail and the Sante Fe trail, which extends down to Deep Ellum.

Sometime here soon I will post on exactly why I am doing this particular ride.  As always, to donate, please click here.


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