An Architect Learns to Draw … Part 2

Fortunately for me, after the first somewhat formal session I have ever had on drawing, I had a full week to cover a few bases.  I know the whole thing about sketching is to “sketch every day,” but that didn’t really work out.  I made a valiant effort to do it, though, and I was able to run a few drills he suggested, as shown below:

Drill 2 - vertical lines @ 1/2"

Drill 3 - horizontal lines @ 1/2"

Drill 4 - 1" squares, side by side

Drill 6 - 1" axon cubes

And this Saturday we went on our way through downtown.  I probably did the worst, as everyone else does have somewhat of a drawing background.  My girlfriend did a great job, doo: even though she is not an architect or anything related, she in naturally good at graphic arts.

We started by working on the old municipal building which faces the new Main Street Garden Park.  He worked through how to break down the elevation into the golden section, and a number of squares.  This is a technique that can be used on any classical architecture – or really anything before the Bauhaus movement, I suppose.  Part of this, he explained, is because architecture at one point was really more of a skill than a talent; at lest that is how it was taught.  In effect, these tools can always be found in traditional (in the real sense of the word) architecture.

While this is awful, it is my first time trying a notational drawing.

I tried this other small addition to the Kirby Building.  It is probably only 35 feet long, but it has a ton of detail on it – it is a small art deco building with Mayan-ish detailing.  I think these drawings look like a first year student’s at best, but then again, maybe that is fitting for this particular skill (or lack thereof).


Afterwards, a few of us sat around for a while and had a beer.  Someone got a parking ticket and wanted to make the time worth their while, and with some arm twisting, I stayed.  We discussed getting together to do this every so often; maybe once a month.  By the time I got home, I received an email – someone had already made a Facebook page for it!  It is called Dallas Draws! – take a look if you are interested.

You might wonder why I would post such things, and I wonder that myself.  This lack of skill has not posed a boundary to my professional work at all, and I have several friends who can’t draw well who have done just fine for themselves.  I feel that this may be a good way to document this progress, if any is made.  I want to take a real sketching class, and will, most likely – but the word “class” doesn’t really appeal to me right now as I am still very busy at my studies at UNT.  Might as well make this “public;” although no one reads this anyway…


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