Hearts and Hammers Week 2

Before we started. No that is not the car's license plate... I just hate the typical blurred out look

Well, we finished, although I was a little scared there for a little while.  We had a big showing for both houses this week, and both ended up looking great!  Our house ended up with a new paint job, a lot of replaced wood, some masonry work at the front porch, a landscaped lawn, and a lot of other odds and ends.  The homeowner was pretty happy with it!  I’ll miss her dog…

Painting and taping off

Yes, we had some professional help...

...And done... just needing to clean up...

This last image was an “HDRI” image which the iPhone now does internally… You can see that when it took three photos at once then combined them it didn’t work all that well.  I’ve done this manually for a while with some good results, but the automated process has a long way to go.

We should have done some more prep work from last week, but all in all, it was another good successful year.  I’m still not certain as to why we do this during these months, other than the fact that the rain is probably lass of a priority.  I wouldn’t mind if it was in November, though.  One year I think we did this in August and I felt like I was going to die.  This year being over the roof was a beating, but still not too bad.  At least it evened out the tan on my face.


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